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About the handling of personal information at WelPort Corporation

WelPort Corporation
President & CEO
Yuichi Iijima

WelPort Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "WELPORT") is working on the followingpolicy regardingthe handling of personal information.
In addition, we will make efforts to improve these contents as appropriate.
WELPORT regards the proper use and management of personal information as one of itsimportantmanagement philosophies, and thoroughly implements it for all employees andrelated parties involved inbusiness activities.
Based on this management philosophy, WELPORT has formulated the following personalinformationprotection policy and is working on proper use and management.
In addition, we will make efforts to improve these contents as appropriate.
1.WELPORT will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling,management and useof personal information.
2.WELPORT will use your personal information for the following purposes.
(1) Information related to the provision of WELPORT and its affiliated companies(hereinafter referred to as"WELPORT-GROUP"), etc.
(2) Contact required to fulfill the contract between WELPORT-GROUP and customers orbusiness partners(corporations, groups, individuals), etc.
3.WELPORT may provide your personal information to WELPORT-GROUP partnercompanies if you agree inadvance.
4.WELPORT will not use your personal information beyond the reasonable range of theabove purpose ofuse.
5.WELPORT is to the extent necessary to achieve the above purpose of use, andbetween WELPORT-GROUP companies, customer's personal information (contactinformation including name, address,affiliation, e-mail address, etc., as well as WELPORT-GROUP and WELPORT-GROUP. Information providedbased on the contract with thecustomer or the corporation / organization to which the customer belongs)may beshared.
In this case, WELPORT will manage the personal information disclosed to WELPORT.
6.WELPORT will always strive to protect personal information by properly managing thepersonalinformation entrusted to us under the proper manager.
7.WELPORT will continuously review and improve the personal information protectionpolicy.

Inquiries regarding personal information protection

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