Professional Company of Specialized Engineers !!

 Ÿ Board of Directors (4 people) *Including 2 people  
 „°Ÿ MH Division - Management Headquarters
 „«„¯Ÿ Osaka Head Office
 „°Ÿ CS Division - Computer Service
 „«„°Ÿ Osaka Region/Zone
 „«„°Ÿ Tokyo Region/Zone
 „«„¯Ÿ Fukuoka Region/Zone
 „°Ÿ BS Division - Business Support
 „«„°Ÿ Business Planning Support
 „«„«@@.. WPC Plans
 „«„°Ÿ Cars Dealer Support
 „«„«@@.. WPC Cars
 „«„°Ÿ Real Estate Sales Support
 „«„«@@.. WPC Estate
 „«„¯Ÿ International Trading Support
 „«   @@.. WPC Trade
 „°Ÿ DS Division - Dream Challenge Sponsor
 „«„¯Ÿ Osaka Head Office